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Please pray for Goodwin to no longer be a Satanist using witchcraft and voodoo and obsessed with revenge over his divorce from my mother almost two decades ago. They have no children together and my mother has been deceased for two years now. He refuses to go on with his life and insists on trying to make me and my son and my youngest sister pay for the rest of our lives because he is hateful and refuses to take responsibility for his role in the breakdown of his marriage to my mother.

My mother was a grown woman capable of making her own decisions and was tired of being married to him and wanted a divorce. For him to continue attacking us with witchcraft and voodoo and other ways that he is constantly coming up with to try and destroy us is unreasonable and

Unfair. We have been experiencing satanic attacks against us for years. Please pray for him and everyone that is helping him to attack us to be born again and that the LORD will save his tortured soul and give him the peace he needs to go on with his life.

Please pray for the LORD to intervene and sever all ties to him and my family.

Please pray for me and my son and my youngest sister to no longer live under constant satanic attacks. Also pray that the spell that was put on my other sisters and their families to keep them at a distance from us will be broken and that family relationships will be strengthened. Please pray for us to finally have the chance to live our lives without constantly being attacked by satanic forces and people who are dedicated to helping him try to destroy us. Please pray for my son to be set free from all the attacks against him and that he will receive the deliverance he needs in every area of his life.

Pray that my youngest sister will be set free as well from the

Bondage she is in.

Your prayers are appreciated

Received: May 4, 2020

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