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I am having problems with my new, upstairs neighbors. They will not be quiet, sit their butt down or go 2 bed @ a decent time. I've asked them nice 2 reduce their noise. I have complained 2 management numerous times & nothing is being done. This situation is affecting my health & my job. I am sleep deprived. I am not getting my 8 hrs of sleep. Unit D is up until 1am or 2 am in the morning and their kids too are running wild, making noise. I need my sleep & have 2 work. I Work in healthcare. I am cranky, losing weight & depressed. Please pray 2 touch my upstairs neighbors hearts &! let them be more considerate 2 the people who lives below them. They let the little kids run & play in the apartment making noise 4 hours. It's excess noise. They will not take the kids outside 2 playeven I nice sunny days. I am at my wits ends. I am a single Mom. My adult son moved out approx 18 months ago. I have a two bedrooms but need to downs 2 a one bedroom. I can't live like this. I don't remember my former upstairs neighbors being this noisy, rude & distrpectful. My upstairs neighbors r not nice people. I could be wrong but I think it's mostly the female making loud noises, stomping. I called them in her hooker's shoes. I believe. She lets the kids be bucks wild on purpose because I've put in numerous noise complaints. She is making more noise to annoy me. I've been living here a long time. I don't brother no one & keep to myself. Please pray 4 me. I need peace & quiet. My upstairs neighbor (Unit D) is driving me insane. Pray she will reduce their noise, control her children, move or get evicted. I can't take it anymore. Pray nice, quiet, people will move in above me in Jesus name. I can't watch TV, read a book, read the Bible, meditate, exercise or have guess over without hearing constant loud noise from upstairs. Yes, I yelled up into the ceiling & sometimes use my boom stick 2 get them 2 b quiet but it does no good. They will continue 2 make noise, no respect, no home training. No Big Momma in their life!! They don't have respect 4 other human beings. I am stress out about the coronavirus & my noisy, upstairs neighbors is making me even more stress! I am getting sick. Please pray 4 me. My upstairs neighbors have no consideration, respect or emphany 4 others!!! I need my peace & quiet time 2. I can only get that when they r asleep & when I am @ work. That's so sad! I hate coming home 2 my apt becuz I don't want 2.hear the loud noise coming from upstairs. I sit in my car a lot & listen 2 my Gospel, de-stress music & pray. So please pray 4 me. No one should have 2 live this way. Thank you!

Received: April 7, 2020

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