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Dennis continues to trust Jesus to overcome breathing difficulties. Please pray for his healing and for his strength in the Lord. Thank-you.

Received: February 21, 2023


Prayer request for my dear ex husband, Jeff…I’ve been praying for his salvation and waiting on God in hope for the marriage, but I’ve not had any contact from him since Sept 2021 until yesterday. I sent him an email about a business item and he responded quickly and briefly with the account information I needed. I am praising God that he responded, and renewing my prayers for his salvation and for God to give him a new heart and resurrect our marriage and family. Thank you for praying and hoping with me.

Received: February 9, 2023


Hey everyone , Im asking for prayers today for my daughter Kristin, Doctors have found some cancer cells in her body last year and then on this Friday they found a tumor in her stomach we don’t know much about it yet but it’s been bothering her and you can feel it on the outside she’s being referred to surgeon next week to see. Just plz lift her up for healing and for this to be nothing and her to be well for she is a single mom and her 2 little ones need her !! Thank you all so much !! God Bless

Received: February 5, 2023


Hello everyone thank you for your time, I request prayer today for my life , I once was so full of the love for the Lord , and then so many things happened, so many , and now I feel so empty and rejected by everyone, I don't know why or even if it is true or not but I really need to be revived or filled again, I'm not even sure what I need but I know I need the Lord... I have given ally life to him but I still remain troubled.. ppl lease pray for me and the Lord will please let me know I belong to him and am part of his family, I need to know tangibly I'm his. I feel so broken and alone... Thank you for listening... God bless you...

Received: January 8, 2023


Pray for wisdom and favor!

Received: January 7, 2023

Demere Bowen

Please please pray for my 22 year old son. He is suffering from depression and extreme loneliness. He has no friends and sees no way out of this dark place. He desperately needs wisdom and guidance and direction in his life. I am terrified he will eventually get so low he will do the unthinkable. Please pray for a complete restoration of his heart and transformation of his body, mind, and spirit. I believe in miracles and we need one. Thank you!

Received: December 20, 2022


I have been blessed to have a phenomenal group of friends in my life who have supported, encouraged, poured into and lifted me when I needed it. So today, I want to honor them by requesting prayers on their behalf. I have five friends who are single and desirous of a husband but relatively content without one. Still they are feeling a sense of loneliness and isolation especially now around the holidays. One married friend is grieving the loss of her parent and her grief is growing. One is battling a severe case of anxiety. All of these women mean the world to me. One male friend is recently divorced and has broken relationships with his children and trust issues. He is no longer a believer. Another male friend is battling depression. His relationships with his family are challenging. Another couple are dealing with elder care issues. I am sure I have missed someone or some concern but for these I have mentioned or even are not aware, I respectfully request your prayers.

Received: December 4, 2022

Sallie Peyton

This is my prayer that God always keeps me safe and away from the wrong people. I'm living in a clean and sober house with several other women and some well most of them are not about the right things. There's witch craft and other demonic forces going on I'm not so much concern for myself as well as the other ladies.I know who I'am with God.But the forces are very mad at me because I wake up and do God every day and their has been a lot that's happened....I pray that god removes the evil from that house as well as out of those who practice witch craft.I pray to be in my own place soon.I also need transportation for work and other things.I'm due to return to work on December 1 2022. Thank you so much for your prayers,I watch Ron everyday and believe in the power he has, his sound is very pleasing to me .... I do believe in you and I church. I've tried to send this 3 times today and something always went wrong Thank you Jesus I finally got it sent..

Received: November 21, 2022


I am on disabled and have a caregiver and name is pat and got covid and had a stroke and needs miracle healing and be healed and I have someone to help me with transportation and the things that I have problems with I have no friends I'd love to have a friend to pray with and be friends with and do things with but please pray for pat to have mircle healing

Received: November 18, 2022


Praise God.

Asking for prayer that God shall either change my exhusband's heart or remove him entirely from my life. We get close to reconciliation and then his bad influences in his life mess things up because they are hateful and jealous and these are the same people that caused us so many problems over the years.

The nicer i am to him and the people in his family, the nastier they act towards me.

The more I do to be a help and blessing to them, the more they act hateful and backstabbing.

I have reached my limit and I feel even God is done with the situation.

Please pray for my new house and life and happiness or at least true contentment, for whatever time we have left in this life.

Thank you and God bless.

Received: March 30, 2022

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